The First House of London

The First House of London
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Rumored to be one of the original Houses of the Chapter House Society, the First House of London holds a level of respect among the Brothers. It has survived fire, strife, attack and injury. Often harmed, never failing; the First House has fought against enemies of supernatural, religious, political and internal. She reflects the ruggedness of the city she lives within – The First London House Prevails.


Josiah Montegue – Grandmaster- And elder gentleman, refined and with a warming smile.
Mr. Leng – Second in Command Asian shopkeeper in his late 40s.
Preston Bannerman – Librarian – Blond, immaculate and smiling.
Walter Koenigsmann – Quartermaster German by birth, wears a thick mustache.
Alexander Croft – graying man in his mid 50s
Father Ulysses Delaney Priest in his mid 40s
Harold Stroud – Gruff, missing his left pinky finger, professional magician.
Oscar Huxley Private investigator and professional troublemaker
Francis Caleb Yeats Young, attractive gadgeteer.
Osborn Vaughn – Dashing young nobleman, with an unfortunate love of drink
Gavin Sixsmith – Osborn’s compatriot in trouble, and designated driver.

The First House of London

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