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The year is 1866. The last ten years have been turbulent for the world: The United States tried to tear itself asunder while Italy strives to forge itself anew, France has risen and stumbled while Austria and Prussia fight over the German empire. Through it all, England Prevails. While other countries fight petty wars and bicker amongst themselves, England continues to grow through industry, immigration and invention. She is home to the largest city in the civilized world, London – a wonderland full of joy, struggle, beauty and pain. Her diverse population flows through her streets like blood pulsing through a great heart. London beats, London Lives.

A city that large is also home to an amazing amount of secrets. Not just the simple sort of secrets, or even the intriguing type of secrets. But the terrifying secrets that change the way a man sees the world. See that simple priest drinking his tea? Notice that the only shadow that lingers ’round him is his own? All others just sort of shrink, as if the man is radiating his own inner light. You know the little haberdasher from Bristol that sells those new Bowler hats? Look at his ears next time you see him. Pay close attention. You might see they are much longer than they should be and tucked into his hat, just out of sight.

London has more secrets than one man can count, but there is one place where secrets come to stay. A simple building, nondescript and boring she is. White walls, a simple red door and a black wrought-iron fence. But within that building is all the secrets a man can suffer, and the tools with which to keep those secrets from the world. And the world don’t need secrets like that running loose, son. Not at all…