The Paris House

The Paris Chapter House

Often called the House of Blood, the Chapter House of Paris is one of the oldest known Chapter Houses in the world. Sitting in a stately building in a rather prominent part of Paris, the House is full of vibrant personalities that dedicated their lives to one goal – keeping the Vampire population of Paris under control.

For the last few hundred years there has been a unsteady truce between the Vampire families of Paris and the Chapter House. The Paris Covenant of 1661 provides the ground rules for vampire interaction, proper decorum between the families, feeding etiquette and provides the status of “Watchguard” to the Chapter House of Paris to act upon breaches of the Covenant. Vampires know they must follow the Covenant, but being the intelligent creatures they are, they have spent the last few hundred years finding loopholes in the document.

The members of the Paris House have learned how to hunt those creatures that have broken the Covenant and how to deal with those that skirt the edges of the laws. It is a thin line they walk, but they are experts at the art of balance.


Javier Saint George – Grandmaster
A rather imposing gentleman, with a stern gaze. While his mixed heritage might garner him strange looks from the regular Parisian (he is clearly descended from African stock), his fellow Brothers see only his charm, wit and bravery.
Natalie Beaumont – Weaponsmaster
Mademoiselle Beaumont is the matron of the House, as well as it’s weaponsmaster. While her hair may be turning grey, none doubt her abilities with a rapier and stake.
Other Members
The Brothers of Paris are numerous, their current number reaching near 50 full members with numerous apprentices and orphans under their care. However, their number is a necessity as their job requires movement in groups and constant watch over the vampires of Paris.

Of note – there are other Branches of the Paris House throughout the countryside of France. Unlike other locations where a House is just one building, in France the need for well-trained membership has removed any competition or rivalry. All that remains is a rather impressive fighting force of Brothers, dedicated to holding the vampires at bay.

The Paris House

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