The London House in Munster

The London House of Munster
Night of london

The House of Heroes… or the House of Fools. The Munster House has been known by both titles over the years of her existence. Born during the time of Henry VIII, the Munster House as she is now called, has been the home of many odd and colorful individuals. Spies, pirates, prostitutes and soldiers have all called this House their home. Unfortunately, their search for excitement often leads them to an early demise. The household is small, but as she tends to do, she survives. And, she’s growing.


Archibald Quincy Poole – Grandmaster Once and adventurer and hunter of the dark things, Grandmaster Poole now finds himself a shut-in. Paralyzed in an attack by a werewolf many years ago, he is confined to his wheelchair and must sustain himself on the tales of his Brothers. While elder in form, he is still young at heart.

Patricia Walburton Sister to the deceased James Walburton, Patricia spent many years teaching abroad in Oslo. She has recently returned with her gadgets and gizmos to assist the ailing home and her members.

House Staff and Boarders

Mr. Johnathan Collins – Butler The proper British butler, Mr. Collins is a facet of the House that none could do without. Caretaker of the building, and of the adventuresome Poole, Mr. Collins keeps everyone in the home happy and safe.

Emily Braddock A charming and delightful young lady, Emily was once a unfortunate subject of quite horrible treatment at the hands of her doctors. Freed from her mental prison by the members of Munster, she has moved into the House as a new student and hopeful member.

Jenny Munster A orphan of the streets, Jenny was being chased by a monster known to the children of London as “The Boogey Man.” With the help of the Munster crew, Jenny put an end to the creature’s torment… and they decided she needed a good home as a reward. 12 years of age, she is now learning how to cook, be a proper lady and fencing.

Miss Mackie The sweet cook of the house, Miss Mackie serves as mom for the boys of the Munster House. While she seems to understand that there is something greater in their deeds, she also seems completely oblivious to the reality of the Dark.

The London House in Munster

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