The Aberdeen House

The Respected House of Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a quiet house, one of reflection and study. Serving as the storage of rather odd artifacts and antiquities, her membership consists of a few local men and a handful of scholars from other Houses. Many of her members are teachers at the local college and rarely would be considered “active slayers of the dark.”

The House of Aberdeen has not been called upon to do great things in many years. While the city grows, progressing into the new age of mankind, it seems the stranger things have avoided the area. The last known “problem” was a warlock of some repute, but he was put down many years ago with the assistance of the Munster House. And there were stories of wild dogs eating people, but there was no real truth to that.


James Hamilton, Grandmaster A teacher at Aberdeen University, he serves more as a manager than a battlefield leader of any sorts. Intelligent and polite.
Maxwell Lithgow – Librarian A retired hunter, he now works to catalog and care for the antiquities in his House. Elder, yet spry.

The Aberdeen House

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