Setting: London-1866

Game system: Savage Worlds. A few additional rules will be taken from both the “Deadlands” and the “Rippers” settings, but none of the story lines of those two settings will be used.

Storyline: London-1866.

Our heroes are different from the regular man. Perhaps they have seen the horrors of war, and been changed. Perhaps they have read books that no man’s eye was meant to see. No matter what the cause, something within them has altered, grown… changed. They are able to do what others cannot. They see things that other men refuse to see.

These men are just the sort of men(and women) that the Chapter House seeks. They have the special insight, fortitude and desire to fight against the darkness. Within the walls of the Chapter House are generations of secrets, tools and knowledge – waiting to be used to protect the blind. Without brave men like our heroes…. the world would succumb to the dark.

Setting: London-1866

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