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Throughout time, man has been fearful of the things that dwell in darkness. While he may walk along a path in the daylight, free from worry and doubt, as the sun sets his mind turns to strange creatures that slaughter the innocent and kill with claws and whispers. He tells himself these are simply stories, that these creatures are not real and his fear is unjustified.

He is wrong. Do not doubt that monsters are real. From the Sphinx of ancient Egypt to the Strigoi of Romania, there are truths to these tales of horror and dread.

This is why the first Chapter House was formed. They are a brotherhood of men (and women) that dedicate themselves to searching out the creatures of darkness and removing them from the path of man. Since their beginnings, they have stretched throughout the world with houses existing in populous cities and rural countrysides, all living with the motto, “Brothers are always welcome.”

The London House in Munster

The First House of London

The Oslo House

The Aberdeen House

The House of the Emerald Isle

The Paris House

The Houses of America

The House of Madrid

The Grand House of Rome

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