Sororis Sanguinem

The Sister's Blood

weapon (melee)

A Viking Longsword that is capable of taking on numerous beneficial aspects, all dependent upon the jewel placed into the pommel.

Str+d8 Longsword
Topaz (Book & Caduceus): If activated, this sharpens the wielder’s thoughts, giving them temporary clarity; (+ Smarts)
Dark Blue-Green Stone (Trident & Staff): When the sword gets water on it, allows the wielder to breathe underwater!; (Waterbreathing and Freedom of Movement Under Water)
Crossed Hammers (Obsidian with silver inlay): Seems to be dull against living targets, but wrecks havoc on inanimate objects; (+ d12 against objects)
Bow and Arrows (Blue Sapphire): Converts any attack, melee or magical, to do damage as lightning. More curiously, it also allows the user to change the shape of the weapon, from daggers to halberds, with a thought; (Does 1d4 extra lightning damage)
Crossed axes (Emerald) = Slightly accents a user’s strength, allowing the sword to be used by less-hardy wielders. Can activate to more substantially increase strength. (+ Strength; + 2 damage)
Shield and Spear (Amethyst) = Sharpens the wielder’s awareness, allowing for much stronger defense in melee; (+ 2 Parry)
Crossed swords (Ruby) = Gives clarity to an opponent’s possible weak points, increasing fighting prowess. (+2 Fighting)


Created in the early days of the Chapter House, this historic weapon has been used by famous monster hunters through the ages.

Sororis Sanguinem

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