A bone shortbow with inlaid mystic symbols

weapon (ranged)

Damage: 2D6 (special: soul destruction on deathblow)


A short recurve bow made of unidentified bone, “Songrid” looks remarkably new. The bone is quite bright, showing no yellowing from age, and the carvings of mystic symbols which completely cover the bow are as sharp as the day she was completed.

This is all rather amazing, as, depending on the source, this bow could be dated as pre-First Dynasty Egypt.

“Songrid” is the current name for this weapon, agreed upon by her current wielder and herself. Songrid is an intelligent weapon, capable of conversation in various languages (including ancient Greek, Egyptian, and others thought long dead). She has no compulsion to assist her wielder in any way; in fact. she is rather free-spirited and opinionated in many things.

Her focus is in the eradication of “The Children of Lillith.” She has specific fury for demons who target the innocent or seek to destroy knowledge. According to legend, she was crafted by the Titan Hecate for specifically this purpose.

Songrid is, against most opponents, a typical short bow. But, to the knowledge of her current wielders, there is nothing that she cannot wound. Creatures who have specific immunities to damage all fear Songrid’s bite, and the particularly well-educated among her targets have been known to flee her appearance on the battlefield.

Songrid’s primary power is simple and horrifying. At her whim (NOT the wielder’s!), she can banish any creature killed by her to obliteration. According to legend, a foe so vanquished will never return, be it demon, vampire, human, angel, or anything else. She is willing to hold back this ability from general use, but can activate it as she wills.

The method for crafting such a weapon is as lost as her history. Her crafter is believed long dead, and the concept that such powerful magic could have been used in such a bygone age boggles the mind of the more modern, “civilized” artificer. What is known is this; she was crafted to destroy the Children of Lilith, a particular group of ancient, powerful demons. And, against these foes, she holds nothing back.


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