Hrunting, Sword of Beowulf

A short, plain iron sword with a curious lack of corrosion

weapon (melee)

Str+d8 damage.
Requires d8+ Strength to wield.
One-handed hilt makes two-handed wielding difficult.
Cold Iron weapon
Known and feared by some demons
Does not corrode.


While undoubtedly not the original, ill-fated sword wielded by Beowulf in his battle against Grendel’s mother, this cold iron weapon is of unknown, ancient origin. It’s manner of forging and enchantment is also unknown. What is known is this, unlike its failed namesake, Hrunting has seen many a successful battle, finally landing in the care of the Aberdeen Chapter House for the Houses of London. Recently it has been taken up by members of the House of Munster, specifically one James Watie, in their ongoing battles against demons in the city.

Hrunting, Sword of Beowulf

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