Elizabeth Cullen

Daughter, wife, monster slayer, lady, and lover of books.


Born to Archibald Foster and Elizabeth Foster in 1846 London. Mother, Elizabeth, died due to complication at childbirth. Father, Archibald, is a scholar in biology employed at the University of Cambridge. While young Elizabeth’s education was at the utmost importance to Archibald, he did not find any boarding schools suitable to Elizabeth’s needs. Against the council of his peers, he brought her along on his expeditions to the East. While researching the indigenous creatures of the foreign east, he discovered several species that had yet to be identified. Locals called several of these creatures, myths, but Archibald had witnessed them for himself and was determined to prove their existence to the people of the east and the crown. While consumed in his studies, Elizabeth sought companionship and found it in the form of an old Chinese woman named Fa Bik. She taught Elizabeth the importance of being quiet, watchful, and how the world really worked. She taught her how to protect herself with the power no man would give her credit for. She taught her that if the enemy could not touch you, they could not hurt you. Speed was always your friend. With Sensei Fa’s guidance, soldiers, assassins and even tigers were not challenges to Elizabeth’s wrath. In India, Elizabeth meet Cyrus Cullen of the British Army. He was a doctor that seemed to be able to do miraculous things. Elizabeth was immediately drawn to his wit and intelligence. Later she realized that he was entirely too handsome and would probably not care for a plain scholar’s daughter. He surprised and delighted her with his proposal. Even later she discovered that he was son to a large inheritance and a rather high up Lord and Lady of London. She currently finds herself in the very foreign land of balls, afternoon teas, and lovely jaunts through the park. She feels most at home fighting the unruly menaces that threaten her new found friends in the chapter house.

Elizabeth is of average height with seemingly average build. Her long hair is brown as are her eyes. She is what most people would call plain. Her hands are always folded in front of her unless otherwise occupied. She does not have what her husband calls a “poker face,” but rather she finds it hard to hide her emotions. Any grimace on her face is an attempt to do so. Her corset is not quite as small as some other women, as if she did not start corseting until later in life.

Elizabeth Cullen

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