Christopher "Kit" Ley

Sneaky, punchy, snarky kid who grew up in "the Life".


Christopher “Kit” Ley

Affiliation: The Muster House (Second house of London) – His family line goes back to 1605 when his ancestor, one Francis Ley, joined under some secrecy.

Agility – D8
Smarts – D6
Strength – D6
Spirit – D6
Vigor – D6

Curiosity – This is imbedded in the training. I’ve always GOT to know.
Pacifist – His training forbids waton death as the halmark of uncivilized barbarism.
Cautious – I’m patient and perfectly willing to wait for the right opportunity.

Climbing – D4 (2)
Fighting – D6
Investigation – D4
Lockpicking – D4 (
Notice – D4 (2 for traps)
Persuasion – D4
Repair – D4
Riding – D4
Stealth – D8 (
2 in city)
Streetwise – D4
Survival – D4
Swimming – D4
Tracking – D4
(Repair is untrained, but +2 for Edge Cancels penalty)

Martial Artist

Normal Clothes
Iron Crow (Crowbar)
Rope (20’)
2 Throwing Knives


Christopher Ley

Christopher, or Kit as he is universally referred to, was born to Mary Ley in 1844, in a convent just outside Paris. His mother never told anyone about the father, but she would not allow her child to be sent away, as was normally done with such “unfortunate women”. After her recovery she took her son back with her to London.

Kit was raised by Mary, but not alone. The whole of the Munster House had a hand in his childhood, not least of which was Archibald Quincy Poole, his “Uncle Archie”. No one ever gave Kit any trouble regarding his vulgar parentage, at least not to his face. As for as Kit is concerned he is the son of a loving mother and a House of delightful eccentrics.

At 9 Mary began training Kit in acrobatics and sleight of hand. He was also taught the subtle arts, but it was drilled into him to NEVER abuse those skills. He practiced his arts by exploring the city, and in later years made friends with some street children, with whom he occasionally abused his skills.

At 13 he began combat training. The style Mary teaches him is “part of an old family secret”. His training includes skills that could be used to kill. Again, though, he is told that wanton killing is a betrayal of the family legacy. Having seen wanton killing on the streets, Kit is only too happy to follow that rule.

Kit’s mother died shortly after he turned 20. Very soon after her death he assumed his seat in the House. His skill set is valued, but he has a habit of poking his nose where it’s not allowed. Kit likes his position in the House, and he likes the work. The circumstances of his birth are an open secret in London; however the matter is never discussed, because one does not discuss such things in public.

On his last mission Kit was seriously injured in a fall and presumed dead. His return was met with joy but marred by his realization that most of his House mates, his family, had died during his absence.

Christopher "Kit" Ley

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