Aldo Fohn Degen

Tall, quiet & observant, Aldo is a Swiss immigrant with a penchant for mechanics, tinkering & clockwork.


Aldo is a tall, trim man in his late twenties, often seen wearing normal business attire typical of bankers, or other professionals in London. The colors of his clothes are normally various shades of brown and khaki, and he typically has a finely detailed pocketwatch on his person, the golden chain fastened securely to his vest. He is rarely seen without the deep blue overcoat, similar in style to those worn by his traveling companions, Jim, Sergei, and Marcus and he typically wears a bowler hat, a new style that he particularly likes, and that matches his attire.

At a striking 6 feet tall, he is several inches taller than most he meets, and a life of military service in Switzerland, coupled by the rigors of working to manufacture and repair clocks, both large and small, across London has kept him in good ‘fighting trim’. His eyes are blue, not uncommon in his native home of Switzerland. His hair is kept short, and though at one time it was a darker brown shade, it is now stark white. Any who ask him after the reason are met with a nervous chuckle and a shrug, followed by a “I suppose I’m aging faster than I should”, which usually satisfies the curiosity of the person asking. Aldo is a little self conscious of his hair, and prefers to have his hat on if given the option, though he still promptly removes it when entering a building or church, of course.

Of note, Aldo keeps himself clean shaven, and is fastidiously neat and clean compared to most native Londoners. He keeps his shoes and clothing in excellent repair, doing what he can to get the most ‘life’ out of his belongings.

He is friendly and welcoming to those he meets, especially to children, and will make extra effort to try and help a child who might be in need of help. Typically Aldo is slow to anger, and fiercely loyal to those whom he has grown to care for and respect. Having said that, any who would harm children willingly would find themselves rapidly earning Aldo’s ire.

Aldo’s penchant for tinkering and research is well known by his companions, and he often uses his talents to ensure his friends weapons and arms are all kept in good repair and ready for use at a moment’s notice. Ever planning the next project he will begin to build next, he remains ready to join any fray or pursue any lead he and his companions might encounter.


Aldo Fohn Degen

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